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Whether you are looking to turn a special moment into a special memory, capture every detail of a marriage or get your business off the ground, Ilux Media is here to help. I offer a complete service for all of your personal and commercial digital media needs, from intimate family portraits to state-of-the-art drone videography for your business.

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Looking for a photographer in Cambridge to turn special moments into special memories? Look no further.

I offer a fully personalised service based around you, your vision and your needs, going the extra mile to bring this to life.



Need stellar videos for your real estate or business marketing? Ilux Media has you covered. 

My videography goes beyond simple recordings by providing you with a strategic approach to storytelling, whether as a tour or to showcase your products.



Want a novel and captivating way to engage with audiences for your event or projects?

Drone videos can work as an immersive virtual tour, a way to capture landscapes or offer a fresh perspective over your infrastructure.


Photographer in Cambridge

Families And Children

Family is the most important thing in the world, but we unfortunately may not be able to spend as much time with them as we would like. My family portraits capture those precious moments together, giving you something to reflect on and treasure.




A solo portrait session can feel intimidating. That's why I do whatever I can to strike a good rapport with my clients to make sure you are relaxed, happy and, most importantly, yourself.



Capturing the essence of your love story with timeless elegance, our wedding photography services seamlessly blend artistry and emotion to create breath-taking images that will be cherished for a lifetime.


Real Estate

From wide-angle shots to highlight spacious interiors to carefully-composed exterior images that capture curb appeal, my real estate photography and videography brings properties to life.




Pregnancy is a truly wonderful experience in a woman's life. A maternity photoshoot is the perfect opportunity to make memories from this time for when you have your baby in your arms and while you watch them grow up.




Sports And Dance

I strive the freeze the action and convey the energy, emotion and movement of a display of athleticism or grace, whether it's the intensity of a game-winning moment or the elegance of a ballet routine.




From candid shots of pets in their favourite spot to beautifully posed portraits, my goal is to immortalise the charm of your pet or pets and creative lasting memories.





Create and preserve memories using my handcrafted product add-ons – Get started with a free consultation.

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 Commercial Photography in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge


Food photography is an art from that captures the mouthwatering beauty and essence of culinary creations. My goal is to showcase the textures, colours and flavours of each dish to capture your customer's attention and get them tempted.

Food Photography 

Photographer in Cambridge


Proud of your car and love showcasing it to others, or planning to sell it on? I provide first-class vehicle photography, incorporating dramatic angles that accentuate lines and curves to careful lighting that enhances details.

Vehicle Photography 



About Your Photographer

Hi, I'm Herman. 

I have always been captivated by visual media. I found my feet in photography as a hobby, but over time my interest in the possibilities and intricacies of the craft developed, turning it into a genuine passion.

The turning point was my wedding day, and the spectacular service I received from my photographer. I was enamoured with how he captured the heart and the soul of the ceremony with what seemed like a few clicks of the camera, and the beautiful photos my partner and I received. I knew from that moment that I wanted to provide the same thing for others.

I am dedicated to providing the best possible service to my clients as a photographer in Cambridge, whether they need portrait photography for their family or commercial videography for their business.

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Client Testimonials

  I couldn't be happier with the results...

I am immensely grateful for the stunning photos you captured of my son. Your talent and creativity have truly immortalised precious moments, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Thank you for your exceptional work! Gergo   |   December 2023  |  

  Very friendly and professional...

We truly appreciate the service we received from Herman! Very friendly and professional! The photos and drone footages are amazing! Renata   |   December 2023  |  

  Absolutely loved it all...

Had photos done with Herman, and absolutely loved it all , Herman is a very patient and passionate about photography and have a good eyes for it! Had pics done for my business also my hair products and they look really professional Thank you so much Erica   |   December 2023  |  

  Quality pictures, friendly service...

Quality pictures, friendly service and very fast with final product too!! Thank you Taps   |   December 2023  |  

  Constantly went the extra mile...

Ilux, were great. The effort and care taken to make sure great pictures were taken was immense. They constantly went the extra mile to make sure they got the best photos and were very accommodating and flexible. I can happily recommend them. Neil   |   March 2023  |  

  We were amazed...

I was lucky enough to get wedding portraits done with Ilux Photography. It was a fun filled afternoon where they had very good and creative ideas of how to pose and what to do on the photos, as we had no clue with my partner. Shortly, once we received the pictures of us we were amazed. They did a very good job with editing, we looked amazing on the photos. They captured beautiful moments which I will always cherish. Thank you very much for the precise job for Ilux Photography! Martina   |   2022  |  

  Highly recommend him for anyone...

We were lucky to meet Herman and his wife, Nora. I asked Herman to do a family photography for us as a present for my partner for Father's Day. I was worried that my sons (2 and 5) will find the 2-hour-long session boring... Well, they didn't. Herman came up with great ideas and my favourite point was that he captured their real moments: how they kicked the ball, played on the playgound, had their snack and not just when we were posing. He made loads of pictures, I picked up the best ones what he edited and made wonderful memories. I am truly grateful for them! Highly recommend him for anyone! Thank you Nora and Herman! Helga   |   2022  |  

  A very talented photographer...

Really professional service from a very talented photographer. The photoshoot was in a fun and friendly environment and the results are amazing. Nóra   |   2022  |  

  Amazing service...

Amazing service, very friendly and talented guy! Can only recommend Tibi   |   2022  |  




Where I cover

Although I am situated as a photographer in Cambridge, I am happy to travel 40-50 minutes in all directions to cater to my clients' needs. This includes:

  • Cambridge
  • Cambourne
  • St Neots
  • Northstowe
  • Stevenage
  • Huntington
  • St Ives
  • Ely
  • Newmarket

I may be able to travel nationwide to accommodate larger-scale photography projects. Please get in touch with me at to find out more.




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