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Just as an online presence has become a non-negotiable for businesses, professional-grade photography that showcases their infrastructure and goods is essential.

Humans are visual animals by nature, and draw quick conclusions based on the first photos or videos they see on a website. My commercial Photoshoots in Cambridge helps your business put their best foot forwards on the online sphere to give you an edge over the competition in today's competitive marketplace. 

My skillset goes beyond photography to encompass videography and drone videography. These can be combined into flexible packages tailored to your business's needs, location and budget to create something truly unique and striking.

Everything starts with a free consultation and quotation. Get started by reaching out to Ilux Media at, or fill out our contact form.


Real Estate

One of the cornerstones to success as a real estate agent or landlord are effective showcases of your property or properties. My eye for details and multi-disciplined skillset means that we can work together to come to an arrangement unique to your needs and the space we will be working with, from immaculate walk-through tours to scene-setting aerial shots via drone.

Real Estate Photography 



Sumptuous descriptions only go so far when it comes to encouraging customers to sample your food or drink. Whether you're a restaurant owner looking to showcase your menu, a food blogger in need of captivating content or a brand needing imagery for marketing, my food photography in Cambridge leaves a lasting impression and gets mouths watering.

Food Photography 



From dynamic action shots that convey speed and performance to elegant portraits that highlight craftsmanship, my vehicle photography in Cambridge brings vehicles to life. Whether you need images of your business fleet, advertising photography or an inventory showcase for your dealership, I will work closely with you to understand and showcase your brand identity.

Vehicle Photography 





Ilux Media's photography helps your business stand out from the crowd. To book a commercial photoshoot in Cambridge or the surrounding area, please fill out a contact form or email me at

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How Can You Book One Of My Commercial Photoshoots In Cambridge?

Initial Contact

Please reach out to me using the contact form, or by sending me an email at to initiate the process.

Photo Conversation

I will contact you at the phone number provided at a mutually convenient time to discuss the essential details relating to the specific package you are considering and a preferred time for an in-person consultation.

In-Person Consultation

We will meet up in-perosn to delve into the finer details of your requirements. This includes the desired mood and ambiance you wish to convey, inspecting the subject I will be photographing and any additional services that may be beneficial, such as videography or drone videography. 

Final Quotation

With this discussion as a foundation, I will create a finalised quotation for a commercial photoshoot in Cambridge built around your requirements.

Photographer in Cambridge


Our Products


Photo Albums 

Photo Books 


Wall Décor 



Data Carriers 


Photo Albums

From £120

Looking to have a physical keepsake you can look back to for years to come? My high-quality handcrafted photo albums have you covered.

With between 5 and 40 spreads (10 pages to 80 pages) on thick and luxurious 800gsm paper, this album allows you to show you to seamlessly showcase your photos over a double-page spread. 

Each photo album is endlessly customisable to suit your colour, style and sophistication preferences, from sizing to font types to 80+ cover options. You also have the choice of a velvet, suede, textile or leatherette finish, and the option of adding an acrylic-plated or Swarovski Crystal front if you really want to take luxury to the next level.

This is available either as a standalone album or a complete set, including a matching album box and USB stick loaded with digital copies of your photos.


Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge


Photo Books 

From £50

Looking for a more flexible or more durable option? My photo books feature non-flush mounted pages, which retail their flexibility and so can stand up to more wear and tear.

At the same time, you don't sacrifice customisability for durability – Each photo book can be personalised to your tastes from sizing to colours. 

Whether you're looking to relive a special occasion or create a timeless keepsake, my photo books are the perfect way to turn your cherished memories into a tangible masterpiece that can be treasured for the generations to come.


Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge


Wall Decorations

From £40

My custom wall decorations allow you to transform your space into a personalised gallery. 

From sleek and modern canvases to classic framed prints, I provide high-quality wall décor that both showcases your unique style and captures the beauty of your most treasured memories. These are available in a range of customisable formats depending on your taste and preferences, including:

  • Classic photo frames
  •  Canvas
  • Acrylic Prints

  • Metal Prints
  • Photo Calendars


Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge



From £10

Just as photographs are snapshots of unique and special moments, our custom prints are unique and special art pieces.

Whether you are showcasing photos from your wedding day, a touching family portrait or a beloved pet, our selected of prints let you display the special moments and special people in your life and add character to your spaces.

Our prints include:

  • Acrylic prints
  • Framed prints
  • 4K definition prints

  • Board mounted prints
  • Poster-sized prints
  • Matted prints

These are available in the following sizes:

  • Large Format Print Basic
  • Large Format Print Pro
  • A3 
  • A4


Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Data Carriers 

From £20

We understand the importance of preserving and protecting your cherished memories in both the physical world and digital formats. That's why we offer a range of reliable and high-quality carrier products to safeguard your photographs and ensure their longevity.

Our selection of digital carriers includes:

  • External hard drives
  • Handcrafted USB memory boxes, available in 70+ materials
  • Printed discs
  • Solid CD/DVD/Blue-Ray cases


Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge

Photographer in Cambridge   Photographer in Cambridge


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